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Bob Marley tells how he made his dreads.

Duration: 00:00:40
Nolan Plank
01/23/13 06:39:30PM @nolan-plank:
I've seen pictures of people who have just "let it be" and they get one huge dread and it looks painful as all hell. Or they get congos that are really heavy and it looks like it hurts.You think he actually did separate at all?

Christopher Lott
10/06/11 02:28:41PM @christopher-lott:

Thanks for this post this just motivated me. Woke up a bit discouraged because my hair on one side was completely matted into a puff ball. I felt around for the knots i had previously and gave them a few twists.... back to looking separated but boy was i scared. I guess next time ill just leave it be.

David Dade
10/06/11 02:23:38PM @david-dade:

let it congo ; )

storm frog
10/06/11 01:30:32PM @storm-frog:

yea just leave it alone and watch it grow like a plant, it helps me practice patience

jameela bailey
06/23/11 10:43:04PM @jameela-bailey:

Graciela Valderrama
06/23/11 10:34:21PM @graciela-valderrama:
That's right ... just let your hair be. Wash it with Dr. Bronner's. Don't use conditioner. I quit combing almost 4 years ago (July 14th 2007) Used nothing to make my hair dread, just patience. Just forgot about it, let it do its thing. Peace.

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