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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: North Reading, MA
Zipcode: 01864
Country: US


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December 5th
Wilson King of Prussia
My doggie Wilson
Very young dreads
My babies
For some reason Scott told me to wear these cat ears I did
Me and the love of my life, Scott


Raging Roots Amy
06/10/10 04:01:16PM @raging-roots-amy:
Did you know there is a place for dreadheads from New England to network, seek dreadlock advice, and get together for fun social events?? Check out The New England Dread Tribe on Facebook and The New England Dread Tribe here on dreadlockssite!!!

Todd Close
03/25/10 09:03:30AM @todd-close:
Hello, My Name is Todd, I own a tattoo shop in Amesbury Ma, come by and see me for some personal tattooing, custom shop, one tattooer (ME),working on my 3rd set of dreads, well just started to let them grow out again, but very hopeful. enjoy this trip

11/09/09 04:43:28PM @knottykonner:
Haha thank you!:)

Karma Jane
10/05/09 02:51:30PM @karma-jane:
oh girrrl.. just keep messing your hair up and wash it often you will be straight!! welcome home!! <3

Lonnie Berg
09/21/09 10:37:47PM @lonnie-berg:
Read your "about me" we have a lot in common, glad you're here.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/09 10:39:20AM @soaring-eagle:
you were advised by a company selling you lies so they ciould sell you a productim spending money out of my pocket to bring a lil truthread the dreaducation thread

09/21/09 10:29:08AM @jambandjunkie:
You're dreads don't look out of control at all. I guess those were not the best words to describe what I meant. I just had a really bad experience my first time with dreads. Now I'm looking for some better advice than what I was given the first time around.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/09 10:24:22AM @soaring-eagle:
welcomeumm do mine look outta control?do dirty mommas?or spookyferrets?tell me which u concider..out of controlor puppy'sor.. i dunno oh inity i or ..oh it will be easirer5 to just look at the members of the natural/neglect grouptheres too many to remember who all went natural

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/11 01:46:19AM @soaring-eagle:
and they will look incredibly beautiful on you :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/11 01:45:46AM @soaring-eagle:
im not a fan of backcomb either but crochets way way worse naturals the best way by=ut tnr is next best thing

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