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When does it become "too" thin?

By Isak Nesse, 2013-06-22

Hi all, I'm a new comer to the site (a great community might I add) originally here just for information, but wanting to stay for the people! Anywho, as you could probably guess, I've been wanting dreadlocks for a long time, and I figured that with the change that comes with graduating highschool, why not start the journey for dreads? So I did some research and heard that the natural way, and TnR methods were the nicest in terms of damage. I decided to go with the TnR method since I'm going to be looking for a job, and my hair being left unkept maaaaaaaay hinder that haha. So I went through the process of it all, and came out with the soon-to-be locks! (Well "soon" may be an exaggeration).
Well It's been a week now, and I know I'm going through the standard early stage paranoia of wanting them to form and all, but I am legitimately curious.

I have a few spots on my head, mostly in the back that almost seem completely taken out! Not in any sort of separated "lock" at all!
I can handle requiring patience for the journey, I can handle waiting. I just want to know if I'm still on track, if that makes sense. That they're not so far gone that I should've tried re- tying them weeks ago!

And on a side note, would it be a negative thing to touch up the very loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

I did the TnR method 1 week ago, some patches are very nearly out. Is it normal for them to be THAT loose? And should I touch up loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

Thanks in advance for any help that I receive! It definitely means a lot!

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