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Irie Hale
Irie Hale


Location: Saipan
Zipcode: 96950
Country: United States


Social Environment & Nature

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I enjoy choosing my social environment with an aim to develop additional altruistic senses, because I want to spiritually transcend my own ego, or 5+ senses. My favorite subjects of study are kabbalah, integral science, biology, entrepreneurship, and film-making. It is my belief that as humans beings we must unite above our differences.

On the day to day, I'm a 2017 red cross certified lifeguard. I love the water and my favorite sport is surfing.

Simply Put...
What I feel is being the affect in a system where we're all bound together from above. To receive awareness of society on this path as one human family is livity! And it is this realization of interconnection that pulls me closer to the creative force, from within and above, me and you, and I&I. Jah Live.

When people are connected, their attitude toward others is as it is toward themselves, all are equal and love each other. I want to find the method for this realization, which makes us feel like we are living in a small global village. I feel that integral education is a healthy approach to transcending human nature, collective ego, so let's create desires of reception in order to bestow!

You can set the intention.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/20/17 09:39:08AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but do not use the lock sculta (or anything from that site)

don't palm roll or circular rub either

but especially throw that lock sculpta in the trash

that site destroys dreads

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