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Bike Day

By HippyFish, 2012-08-09

I've been living on the big island for almost a month n half now. My fiance and I are still "getting things together" and have only a pickup which I can't drive... so I've been anxious to get some wheels so I can enjoy this beautiful place.

Being here is what triggered my thoughts of beginning my dreads again, and I finally got the big inspiration to do them when I saw a friend do hers on facebook. And so my second set is a week underway, TnR and I love them dearly.

I've been bummed lately as I've been waiting for the right bike to help me get to the farmer's market and the water, but nothing I saw really felt right and unfortunately, because of the ocean, things rust so easily here. I wanted something that hadn't already seen better days... at least not enough to matter.

But today was the day! I finally found my bike, though it was online and I was hoping for a local deal, I was still quite pleased to find a nice used one that was just what I'd been looking for (I may have to post a pic when I get it)... simple happiness.

I hope there was something that gave other people simple happiness somewhere else in the world today too.

n to all

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