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Heather B


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My Birthday! Wippee!

By Heather B, 2010-10-19
I just have to sit back and give thanks to an amazing day!First off, it's my birthday! Now I don't care where I am, who I'm with, if there are presents or not, attention on me or not, there is something extremely important with anyone's birthday. The day we are born was an absolute miracle!I know for my mom it was hours and hours of complete pain, when I finally arrived I spent the next 18 years giving her nothing but total grief and hell! I'm hoping today Im living my life to give back and show her in my actions how much I truly love, respect, and honor my mother. If it wasn't for her making that painful sacrifice soooooo many years ago I would not have been able to be on such an amazing fulfilling earth walk!Mother's are truly incredible creatures! And what even more amazing is the children that we have teaching us about mothering, Absolutely wonderful!I'm grateful for the time and energy my family went to make this the best b-day every!!!Anyone else have their very own national holiday coming up? I would love celebrating with you too! :DP.S. My sweet little old aunt gave me dread beads!!! How great is that! :D
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The power of the MIRROR!!!

By Heather B, 2010-10-14
The journey of the dreaded life is so enjoyable and peaceful because I don't have to worry about even owning a mirror! Yay!!! But...that's not the kind of mirror I'm talking about. :)I have learned in my life that when I am in judgment of my brothers and sisters I am actually in judgement of myself. What an amazing lesson for me! I get angry because people judge me for being a raw foodie. They don't understand! Raw food is HEALTHY!!! What's wrong with fruits and veggies? I get angry because I can't convert everyone else to go raw. Interestingly enough, I'm doing the same thing. I judge people because they continuously pump meats and toxins into their bodies and they judge me for going raw, thinking I have some strange eating disorder! Ha!I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path....Same thing with the dreadies. People judge me for being "gross" or different or weird in some way because I don't brush and yet I'm so grateful for my new journey I think EVERYONE should jump on the same wagon! I judge people because they put that metal toothed painful destroyer through their wonderful hair? Just put across some sort of image?I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path...I'm so grateful to be able to look at my own life and see where I am no different then the beautiful people around me. I have no right to judge or tell you what you should or shouldn't do, just as I feel invaded or uncomfortable when I am judged or told what to do... we all walk our own path. I can look back through my life and see where I have formed different ideas or "beliefs", how they change and alter with time and more experience. So obvious I'm not always own belief system has changed a number of times!I'm grateful today to have a willingness to learn more ideas and to be open to new ways of life and to be able to just share my own experiences rather then telling someone else what they should or should not do.Thanks for letting me rant!Peace,-B-
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