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Dear Non-Cooperative Lock

By: Hans Miniar Jónsson
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Who told you you could be a rebel?

Who said you could go out of line?

How ironic is it that now that I've stopped pretending to be someone I'm not and decided to do what I feel is right for me in my life without paying attention to the prescribed notion of how to be, who to be, where to be, what to wear, what to say, what to do, how to keep my hair, what tattoos and piercings are acceptable and what love I'm allowed that I find myself frustrated by you, that one lock that refuses to do what I tell it to do, that refuses to stay where I put you.

Never the less, you frustrate me.

All the other locks are fine with being out of my face by either laying back across my head or to the sides, but not you.

You insist on falling forward, over my face, into my line of sight, and no matter how many times I shove you back or to the side, tucking your end in under other locks to try and keep you there, as soon as I turn my head to leap forward to that same spot, over my face, into my line of sight.

Have I offended you?

Have I angered you?

Why do you keep doing this?

Please, I beg of you, stay where I put you.
I'm blind enough already without you blocking my view.

10/06/11 07:20:19AM @exalthimx7:

LOL great rant! try using a bead to attach it to another dread']

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