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Just because...

By: Ham'diya Mu
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It like this..

I don't need the raising vapors of cannabis to singe my brain cells and caramelizing lungs with moist dank carbon to know for sure, to take in an account of what is the true value of life and not to take for granite every cosmic decimals of life.. like inspite of some hard times, some very hard time like some unrighteous shit that was not of my doing but karma

debt I had to paid on that level..yet I survived and in fact rose up before my enemies like the table shall be set before my

my enemies like the Most High done picked me up and intervened like some divine interception. If you are sensitive enough and humble just enough to know you just might not know everything so it stands to chance that the universe just might show, just maybe teach you somethings like opening some divine insight to life and you just might have the ability to see the multidimensional of levels of vibrations of the planes of existence it is a humbling inspiring spiritual experience and unique to each person on the journey yet with some similar character traits like a certain awareness that you know a key has opened that door or just that knowing that something life transformation has taken place.

It like the knowing that what ever happen before from this point you know that your can't go back to that way of thinking whether its up or down you know things will never be the same.. you been touched by an angel..the holy rays has anointed you and your psychic has taken a cosmic jolt...whether it in the head or the heart or it rattle your bones to your soul you know that its real its a confirmation from the Most High a blessings like you know that inspite of whatever its going be all right and life is worth living because whether there is an after life or karmatic determined outcome whatever the thingy one sure thing is here and now this moment you can do this and read this rant..and whatever you did before, after and during and many moments to come while you have be grateful.. by and by it will be all right what ever is the will of the Most High what will be will spite of your best or half assed efforts there is only so much control you have and whether you call it fate or God or Allah, Jah, Bhudda , regardless of the plans there is just the precious moments of life and that is everyone one on the planet that has that very real inescapable real-eyes truth of our morality..batteries not included hard core facts..our time here is limited and except for very few exceptions we not know when or where just that it will living is so precious..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/19/11 01:34:18AM @soaring-eagle:
diya i love ya :) (missed ya too)

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