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I waited at least 10 years to dread my hair

I had a good friend who had his hair dreaded when I was 11, at that point I had used hair wraps and put my hair into tiny braids but I was always...
@Denea started 9 years ago - replies: 3


does anyone know any good jazz artist? like old jazz, i love wes motgomery and miles davis... anyone know any artist like that? if you don't know...
@J.D. started 9 years ago - replies: 18

The Beatles

Where would rock be without them? Chat about anything Beatles related here.So, first topic. What's your favorite Beatles song.For me, it's either...
@Antony started 9 years ago - replies: 8
Giuliano Pagano

Tat. Pics

Post pictures of your tattoos and get some feedback!
@Giuliano Pagano started 9 years ago - replies: 40


hello,what do you all think of astrology have you ever read your star chart?as for me i'm a strong beliver in astrology and for me my god is our...
@bill started 9 years ago - replies: 31
tha tron

good moisturizing routine

Lately Ive been noticing that my hair looks pretty dry. So Ive done a soak with a mixture of olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba...
@tha tron started 9 years ago - replies: 2
☮ soaring eagle ॐ

whats important to you

just playing matchmaker here, list whats important to you in a love interestas well as some of your own personal strengths and personality traits...
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ started 9 years ago - replies: 21

A little clarification in the title?

I don't really think it matters but I was just curious about the title of this group.Is it for Reggae lovers and Musicians, or for Reggae lover and...
@Didjeridurian started 9 years ago - replies: 1
Erin Joy Lauzon

awesome falafel

1 can chickpeas or one cup dried1 can fava beans or one cup dried2 medium onionsparsleyflourcumincoriandersoak the dried beans overnightput both...
@Erin Joy Lauzon started 9 years ago - replies: 3

kookii's kid

bet a couple of dread beads and guess kookiis due date. She is due on the 30th Aug. Winner takes all!
@Kath started 9 years ago - replies: 16
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