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dreadlocks shampoo
Good Karma Hippie Magic


Location: Almere
Country: NL


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/17/12 12:22:26PM @soaring-eagle:

you are creating the need to kaintain]

you drocyhet u break hairs

hairs poop out u crochet u beeak more they get weaker and more dakmaged eveerytime u do

evebtualy they will fall off

yoir not nmaintauning

your destroying

maintenance ensures lng life not quick death



thats maintenance

anything more is destruction

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/12 02:32:58PM @soaring-eagle:


but got to warn u crochet hooks anbd dread tools are extremely exreemely bad fir dreads yiur only shreading your poor hair to peices

throw the tools away and let your ooor dreads recover

Alex Kaufman
10/12/13 01:41:46PM @alex-kaufman:

Thank you for the friend request. I've just added some 9 month photos to my timeline - it seems it's been a while since I was on here!

06/08/13 01:09:36PM @craig:

Hey man, i love all kinds of music, past few years though i cant seem to get enough old time music. i guess thats kinda a vague term, i play mostly old "american" fiddle tunes, new fiddle tunes too.what do you play, i think i see some clawhammer :)

Jana Houžková
05/07/13 07:20:21PM @jana-houkov:
thanks heaps Tim, i will order some today.peace and blessings to you.

Jana Houžková
05/07/13 06:13:05PM @jana-houkov:
hi Tim, my name is kato, barrelllady sugessted that you might have some ideas on a good dreadlock shampoo available in australia, im in Victoria. im having issues with dry scalp was curious as to your wash regeme.thanks kato.

Darlene Matthews
05/04/13 09:39:45PM @david5:

Hi Tim, sorry it's been several days, I've been dealing with some family issues. What is the best way to get the information to you on making milks and juices?

02/16/13 08:02:23PM @byrdman:
(If you remember Keith Lackey)

02/15/13 09:21:13PM @byrdman:
Dude Keith Lackey's Dreadlocks. That's what I'm kinda worried about if I don't separate. Honestly they didn't look real bad, but I don't know.Be well.

02/09/13 06:28:48PM @byrdman:
Hey man! Sent you a few emails when you have the time to look at em. Be well!

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