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Good Morning

By Good Energy, 2010-04-22
~~~~***~~~~Good Morning~~~~***~~~~I stood up and looked around.It seemed everyone was passed out, laying on the groundThe daze that clears and the soul asks why, but you can't find the answersso you don't replyI step over the lifelessnessand ponder my everyday occurrencesI think to myself"Whatever happened to mother's everyday assurances?"Running through mazes, crossing bridges, painting white picket fences, falling offthat broken ladder,....screaming on the rollercoaster...., only getting madder.................and then you get off.......You wake up while everybody's sleeping, you slow down while everybody's leaping, you save your thoughts worth keeping, you stand up and love yourselfDoesn't it feel good to be free?You throw down those dirty old broken chainsYou wash your hands and cleanse your brainYou remove all those clouds and wipe away the rainAnd you realize there's got to be a better wayYou wake up to find you never went astrayeveryone else is lost, passed out, and laying on the groundAnd I stood up and looked around~~~~GOOD MORNING~~~join me if you will......6/2/02
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