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Anti/Pro Wax

user image 2010-08-17
By: Gary Charlesworth
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Ok, so i've made my mind up about wax. It felt so bad just on my fingers so I decided not to wax my new babies!I have a bit of a problem with the whole debate though... The fact is, when I decided i wanted to dread it was my decision. Other than people on this site, I only know one or two people with dreads, and I don't know them well enough to call them up for advice. They're more casual aquaintances.Because of this, the only place I could turn to do any research on the subject of dreads was the internet. It was here I promptly found DreadheadHQ (first link on a google search). After reading the info on DHHQs site, and other sites (wikiHow etc) I decided to take the plunge and buy the Supa Dupa Ultra Mega Monkey Dreading Starter Kit. (FYI... try to avoid , the guys a dick!) After about 2 months due to shipping errors and volcanos (I shit you not!), the kit finally arrived and my parents asked me to wait until after we'd been on holiday to start the journey. During the few weeks waiting to go on holiday, I added DHHQ on twitter, facebook etc... After adding them on Twitter, I started to be followed by a seemingly random dude (who we all know and love!) I in return started to follow this "SoaringEagle" and was shocked by the in your face anti-wax philosophy in his tweets.By this time I'm starting to think, who the hell is this guy?! And came to the conclusion that he's part of the anti-wax brigade that DHHQ "warns" people about!So even before i start to dread, I'm being pulled this way and that way being told "WAX IS BAD" ... "WAX IS GOOD" ... "WAX IS BAD" ... "WAX IS GOOD"For someone whos only knowlege of dreads is that they're cool and look good, this made the whole process rather daunting. In fact it almost put me off dreads all together.This is what my problem is:As a complete noob to dreads... Who do I trust? Do I go with the sleek vaneer of DHHQ, or do I trust a random dude who just happens to follow me on Twitter?!Obviously I chose the latter eventually.After the grulling 25hrs of backcombing, I didn't want to sit through another 12hrs of waxing, so put it off. Once i'd actually felt the wax on my hands I knew it wasn't going in my hair... thats when i discovered this site.Now, don't get me wrong, I fully understand, appreciate and support what dreadlockssite is doing (ie promoting strong healthy locks), but there seems to be a certain use of opposing scare tactics to put people off using wax. TBH using photos of waxy build up within dreads to post on facebook etc... makes it seem that the same tactics being used by DHHQ are being flipped and used to portray the flip side of the same coin (and I probably couldve worded that better!)Sorry to rant, but I had to get that out.Not all people who use wax are idiots or phonies wanting a "trendy" hairstyle. Probably most of them are just like me... Wanting to change lifestyle and just don't know how, and getting bamboozled by people who they've never met or heard of before!Anywho, on a liter note, I'm on Day 17 and loving it!
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