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Gary Charlesworth


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Week 2

user image 2010-08-10
By: Gary Charlesworth
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Ok so I'm now on day 10, and I adore my dreads. Although I've only had them a short time, I couldn't imagine my life without them.I was a bit freaked out when I saw how fuzzy they were after the backcombing process, but since then I've grown to love the imperfections (thank fuck I don't look like johnny clean!)It's a really wierd thing though, before I had them done, i NEVER had ANY female attention (except my last girlfriend). Now, I'm getting checked out constantly. I was walking through London on day 2 and every girl I passed checked me out and we exchanged smiles! If only I had enough confidence to actually ask one of them out!Thats one of the reasons I started my journey, I have no self confidence at all. Dreads are certainly helping, but there is so much more i could do to build on that. For example, I'm looking at the Rainbow Hostel in Costa Rica. It looks wicked awesome, just need to save some money and I'm away! Although I've said that about so many things (traveling America and Europe; going to pro-wrestling school etc) and never done anything about it. And it all links back to... you guessed it, my self belief and confidence. I have started on one of my goals though. I started to learn piano at the start of February, and thats going REALLY well. My teacher says I'm progressing faster than expected.Work have been a bit funny with me though. On the whole people are supportive of my dreads, but I've been getting funny looks from my manager, and she looks totally pissed off all the time since I had them done. Although she cant say anything, cos I did discuss dreads with my Team Leader months beforehand.Anyway, onto the update of how my dreads are going...Really well.To say I had them backcombed, they're gunna look really natural. Some are really thick, some are really dinky. Most are bumpy, and they feel sooooo good! The ones at the back, and a couple at the front are starting to get pretty tight now, and I'm astonished at how quickly they're taking shape.I do have one on the left side of my head, which is gunna look freaky when it matures. It's REALLY fat at the roots, and then about half way toward the tip it just suddenly goes REALLY thin!I was impressed that I got a comliment from a rasta on the bus on day 3 though, that was highlight of the week!Anyway, thats about it. I'll update with photos at the weekend, and you can check out my vLog on YouTube @
Enjoy!Peace & Love
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