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Gabriel Schubert


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Baby dreads help!

user image 2012-03-01
By: Gabriel Schubert
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  • hello i have a question... i am currently in life guard training at my school and im getting my dreads on sunday. we swim almost everyday. will the pool hurt my dreads and should i use a swim cap? or will it damage them?

  • please help

Gabriel Schubert
03/07/12 08:36:35AM @gabriel-schubert:

ok, so i just got mine done yesterday and they are a little thicker.

back combing ( i know everyone hates backcombing sorry) but i wanted thicker dreads.

i dont have school for a couple days so i should be ok until next week but i will most likely invest in a cap. thank you for your comment, it really helped

Tied up in knots
03/02/12 02:17:00AM @tied-up-in-knots:

How are you getting your dreads done?

If you won't be able to wash and dry your dreads every day, and you do want to make sure they dry so you don't get mold, if you won't be able to do that then you should wear a swim cap.

If you aren't in the water all day then the swim cap shouldn't be a problem. Maybe just keep an eye on your dreads to make sure they are staying separate. You don't want to keep your dreads compacted too much but at the same time you don't want to risk mold or damage from chlorine.

Once you actually have your dreads you will be able to gauge how well they dry and you will know more about what you should do.

At the moment my dreads are babies and they dry quickly so I can get away with washing on an almost daily basis. I'm sure that in a little while that won't be so kosher.

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