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dreadlocks shampoo
gabby henault


Location: Mapleville, RI
Zipcode: 02839
Country: US


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just catching up

By gabby henault, 2012-11-11

so im at nine and a half months of dreading so far. they are very nice. tightening up so well. i have a few that decided to congo and about 6 new neglect ones forming from myself doing nothing at all to the bangs i had when i first made them. the loose thin hair at the bottom of the back of my head is finally starting to clump together after nine months of sitting there. im pretty excited for my new dreads. i still do not know how many i have because i believe that it is bad luck to count your dreadlocks. i love that my friends find joy in rubbing my scalp for me, it feels so nice lol. i havenot posted a photo in a while and i must be getting on that. i think soon i will take a montage of all or most of my locks individually because that is something i have yet to do.

peace out mann.

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halfyear mark.

By gabby henault, 2012-08-02
my babies are 6 months today! i can not believe how nice and tight they have become since i first started, the progress is amazing man. when i started to dread, i was debating on whether to blunt my tips or leave them whispy, and im glad that i decided to leave them the way they naturally are(:
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this is my first day on this site, and i plan on using it alot. i guess ill tell you little dreadlings about my dread experience so far! i started my locks about four months ago inFebruary. I wanted to dread my hair for a while because i havenaturallystraight hair and i was getting bored with it, and i also wanted to make beads and put them in them. but i got suspended from school so i had some time on my hands, it was the perfect opportunity. after i started my friend timmy, who has had his locks for over a year now offered to finish the ones in the back for me. he used the backcomb method, and i used both backcombing and twist and rip. i love my dreads and i cannot wait until there all tightened and fully matured. i make alot of my own beads out of clay, which i love to do also. but im going to bed, so goodnight guys.


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