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Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 12:48:53PM
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Pay it Forward

General Talk

I thought our community needed more fun and creativity. So I decided to start a pay it forward.

This is how it works:

Pay it Forward in 2011: I, Mia, promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They may, in turn, post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their discussion The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. :)

SE: Maybe we could create a new category for "Pay it Forwards"

Peace & much love,


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Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 12:14:40PM
45 posts

Happy one year birthday to my dreads =]

Introduce Yourself

Welcome Smay. & happy belated dread bday!

I havn't had any "dreadful" dreams as of yet but then again im only 4 months in so we'll see LOL

Hope all is well

Friend request on it's way.

Peace & Love,


Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 12:02:40PM
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Introduce Yourself


My advice would be to just let them be.

I know you want a manicured look but unfortunately my experience is that natural dreads are not that in any way shape or form.

so im not sure how u can have the best of both worlds.

I am excited to see your progress though, keep us posted on your decisions. :)

Peace & love,


Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 11:54:35AM
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For those who backcombed they're dreads

Dread Maintenance

Hey glad you are starting or thinking of starting your journey.

I started 8/23/10 and my goal was to wait as long as i could before washing.

well as long as i could, turned out to be 3 days. LOL

i did a baking soda and apple cider vinegar wash by filling up a small bucket with water while in the shower and adding the bs and the acv :)

definitely don't run your hand through your hair because u will detangle it and dreads=tangles.

at first i would tie a plastic bag around my head so that i wouldn't get my locks wet when i showered but wasnt going to wash them.

now it doesn't really matter to me. & i wash them whenever it feels necessary. every other day or every three days.

Goodluck. Peace & Love,


Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 01:42:46AM
45 posts

From a "loctician" to all natural

Saved Dreads Success Stories

Tyler, dont freak out. loleverything is gunna be okaymost my backcombing came undone but u know what happened? my hair dread all on its owntry not to feel the need to speed up the dread process.enjoy each subtle change :)Peace & Love,Mia
Mia Elizabeth
01/04/11 09:50:38PM
45 posts

Trichotillomania and Locks. 1 month old - Crochet method start.

Introduce Yourself

thanks so much for sharing.& i was wondering why you personally starting ripping your hair out, was it caused by stress.I have a habit of picking at my face and scalp when i get nervous/stressed. & like you i sometimes do it without noticing.Peace & Love,Mia
Mia Elizabeth
12/14/10 12:16:54AM
45 posts

Dreads and Ethnicity

Introduce Yourself

i have come to the conclusion that no matter what we do as a society, which includes many who are ignorant, it's fear and lack of self worth that breeds hate. so honestly their isn't much we can do as individuals but try to live by example. be as compassionate and understanding as you can and hope that others follow and do the same.

Mia Elizabeth
09/23/10 09:54:25PM
45 posts

Discrimination against dreadlocks in school hair wars on individuality

Life Issues Facing Dreads

Read this article about dreads being banned in public schools.
the public schools are where our children learn to be who they are, the schools have no right to enforce the narrow views of the administration on the children. only the parents have a right to influence the personal development of the childs personalities.
the no dreadlocks in school rules are a direct civil rights violation, that are specifically targeting those who believe certain religious beliefs, hold certain cultural beliefs as well as disrespecting certain racial influences.

i propose an open letter to the school boards in question that can also be adapted to anyone in any school facing dreadlocks discrimination.

------begin editable letter to school administrations----
dear administrators and interested parties,
I am writing you today because i recently became aware of discriminatory practices by your school administrations that are both illegal and a violation of civil rights. I am talking about the ban on dreadlocks or any policies or rules concerning dreadlocks, theyre care, presentability, or any requirements to keep them neat and tidy. Dreadlocks are a cultural expression, not only of jamaican culture, but every culture on earth amazonian to welsh and every single one between. dreadlocks show a pride in heritage, and as such have very deep personal meanning far greatter then any other hairstyle, and for that reason, many who wear dreadlocks would never cut when requested to. to do so (reguest to cut) is a direct violation of the rights of the child.

furthermore dreads are a religious and spiritual expression as well, not only for rastafariands but almost every religion, the christians and jews have the nazarite vow, while muslims hindus buddhists all have theyre own dreadlocks beliefs, those who wear the locks are considered the holiest of men. to deny the wearing of dreadlocks is a religious discrimination. would you dare ban circumcision?

furthermore dreads are lifechanging, they give you confidence they alow you to grow strong in the face of criticism.
dreadlocks teach you that your personal happiness is more importajnt then bowing to the expectations of others.

furthermore dreadlocks are clean and healthy, both physicaly and mentaly. anorexia is caused by always feeling they have to be perfect to satisfy everyone and because they feel they have no control of theyre life . dreadlocks help you accept imperfections and not having to please everyone they are healthy in other ways as well, self confidence, self image, and above all the respect of self rise with dreading.

and finaly, dreadlocks fill a need in todays society to feel more natural, our food is full of chemicals, the water we drink, even the light we see by are artificial dreadlocks alow the wearrer to feel like a natural human the way humans are meant to be.
for this reason alowing the natural dread=ing process with the messy early stages is the healthiest most resperctful thing that you can do.

a student who feels accepted and respected will succeedd, if you make them dfeel an outcast or a freak you will doom them to underacheivment.
respect your students. they are not your kids to command
you are only teachers you have no rights to control how they dress wear theyre hair only how they learn and behave towards their peers.

i know you will reconsider and do the right thing

---end editable letter---

fix the typos anyone or rewrite?

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