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05/31/10 11:28:41PM
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loops lumps kinks and zig zags in dreadlocks

Dread Maintenance

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm new to this forum and had to sign up just so I could respond to it.My dreads are two months old. I had them backcombed and crocheted to begin with. I had one maintenance appt about a month ago. I pretty much just leave them along except for washing. I was starting to get a little concerned with the amount of loops and bumps. I didn't realize that this was a good thing! ;) You are right, they add so much character. I guess I was always envisioning the uniform straight felted dreads. They change so much all the time that I am fully convinced once I get all comfy with the loops that they will disappear. Such is life with locks though, huh? Hopefully these photos work ok.

One thing that I'm a little worried about - the roots aren't dreaded and I'm ok with that, but they are starting to knot together. I kind of tug them apart so that they don't grow together. What do you think? Pull to seperate or leave them be?
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