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05/18/11 11:24:15PM
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Ive been lookin around the net quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. A lot of bullshit...this site seems great with lots of good info. All SE posts have good info...the info I was looking for so I signed up.I'm just about to be 33 and have thought about dreading since high school. I have been working in the corporate world for many years and have never had the opportunity to dread. I've been wearing a monkey suit cause my arms are sleeved. I've got a full beard and that was a lot to overcome with work. I recently got the shaft at my job by another person that would do my job for less money so I'm "Going Rogue".Unfortunately with my previous employment I had kept my hair real short the last year or so. So this is going to be a very long process for me. But my mind is made up and this is going to be a life change for me. I hope it will be an incredible journey!I talked to my wife of 9 years about it...she's a little leary but none the less wants me to do what I think is right for me. Her opinion is the only one that could impact my decision.I see that SE usually recommends going natural and just letting it go but I think sectioning and t & r will suit me best when its time. Since I will be waiting quite a while to let my hair grow out, what length do you think would be good to start. I don't want real thin dreads...more of a medium size. My hair is real straight when its grown out.Anyway I just wanted to see what anybody thinks and ill be waiting patiently for my hair to be ready. And when its time ill def document my progress with pics.Take it easy....
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