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Kaela Bronan
06/19/14 01:17:00AM
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Dazed and Confused Blues

Dready love

It depends on what his vision is of your relationship currently. Maybe don't ask him to tell you, but just put the thought out there so he can be working on coming to a conclusion in his head which will either end the relationship or renew his passion for your partnership.I know how frightening the end of a very serious or intense relationship can feel. It's never as bad on the other side as you think it's going to be, but the transition is powerful. Look at it as a positive step, if it does come to separation. Give yourself appropriate grieving time but look at it as a new, exciting adventure. During this time I'd recommend taking up a new hobby to make your time and self esteem feel full.
Kaela Bronan
06/12/14 08:07:48PM
2 posts

Starting a journey and I want advice

Introduce Yourself

Hullo everyone!

So, here's some brief background and what's going on with me now:

When i was about 16 someone assumed I was starting to dread because my hair looked clumpy that day.

It got me thinking about the idea and since I was already very much of a "hippie" type I decided I wanted to do it. A few years later I bought a dreading kit but never actually used it because I kept reading and reading and realized it wasn't the best idea. I lazily backcombed about five sections out of boredom but then I brushed them out.

I couldn't decide what to do and actually take the plunge, so now I'm finally doing it for the first time and I would like some input.

When I was younger my hair would knot up after a day of not brushing, but now I literally can go an entire year without brushing and my hair doesn't mat up at all, even only occasionally using conditioner.

My hair is relatively thick and wavy so I thought it would be no problem.

I've been using Dr. Bronner's and not smoothing or untangling my hair at all for almost a month and I have about 3-6 matted sections, I'd have to count again lol, mostly underneath but one or two are on top of my hair. I don't sleep on my back ever, so maybe that's a problem lol

I can't wash my hair in the sink and I'm not sure how other things would work exactly, like using salt water for example. I'd love some help with that. I haven't found much about it.

I'm also slightly bothered by how filmy my hair seems still. I was told it would start seeming normal again after a few weeks of using Dr. Bronner's, once it adjusted. I'm rinsing and drying the best I can.

Here are pictures of my hair from a few days ago. There is progress, those it's hard to tell in pictures. And no, that's my blue hair growing out, not balding :)



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