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03/27/14 06:09:52AM
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Show Us Your Recovery Pictures

crochet and dread tools recovery

Gorgeous! So did you just have them crocheted to begin with, and then just let them go completely? With no maintenance at all..?

Thanks.. _/|\_

SweetInTheMornin said:

I was never very harsh on them, with the needle and such. So i suppose they recovered pretty fast :) Here is a picture of them at 1 month were they are all cute and fussy.. And so SHORT! Gosh it is quite a while ago.

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03/25/14 07:49:04AM
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crochet dreads recovery Need help and advise

General Questions

Hey Rustdust.. Could you tell me where you go "around the corner from you"? I was thinking of using the Weirdsistas myself....! Thanks

Rustdust said:

Hay Emily, there is a few around Melbourne, most work form home but the one I went to originallyis in Northcote, called Weirdsistas, lovely people, but really expensive ... never heard of *gasp*.... save ya money, be a littlepatientand Go the natural.... and when you have great dreads you will love em more coz you let nature do the work....and there is no going back formaintenance.... mywifeis dreadingnaturally and is about 2 or 3 weeks in to it and she can see lots of progress.... look here

03/27/14 08:06:09AM
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Hair elastic alternatives?

Dread Accessories

These are stunning! Do you sell them somewhere? I would be interested.. Namaste.. _/|\_

Sweet, said:

If you can find smone who either knits or crochet, or if you can do either then just do a long strip but about an inch and half wide. I do a stip of either woolen or even hemp and then sew a wooden button which is cut from a branch and 2 holes drilled in, it looks so awsome with the dreads. If i can find the picture of it amongst my 100's of pics i will add it here.

If you r intersted and would like one, just leave me a message and i can post you one, i do the craft and have many colours of wool to choose from.

updated by @shannan2: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
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