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03/19/13 06:06:05PM
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Dreads and the healthcare profession...

Life Issues Facing Dreads

I have asked myself the same question since I'm going to study medicin or becoming a nurse. Some people will judge you and you may lose some respect, which my result in they asking for another nurse. The same way people have problem with skin/age/sex/faith (the list goes on), even if your patient is stupid and judgmental doesn't mean you can do a good job. I find the question you should be asking your self is do I want dreadlocks or not. By being caring and showing even the most judgmental patients you do a good job can change their minds about dreadlocks.

03/07/13 05:31:07AM
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I need help. Parents and the social parts.

Introduce Yourself

So I started to neglect my hair a week ago, I think it is coming up nice getting curly and sectioned it self.
The problem is that my mum think im going into a depression, She know i don't use shampoo thought she don't know that I'm letting my hair dread.

Do I tell people about I am growing dreadlocks. Explaining you don't need to shampoo seems to be of no succes when people is so used to every materialistic crap that they use. What should I tell people and what is usless to tell if they aren't generally intrested in dreadlocks.

She used argument no one will want to meet you with your dirty hair, you won't be able to get a job and it looks disgusting. How do i reply to that?

Is there any social challange I will experience when growing dreadlocks?

updated by @karl: 01/13/15 09:48:28PM
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