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Kim Brisebois
01/25/13 06:57:52AM
13 posts

How old were you when you started your dreads?

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

I just started my dread journey because I like the look, but I also think that I have to learn things from that, like being patient and let go.
I also appreciate not brushing my hair.

Kim Brisebois
01/24/13 11:21:38PM
13 posts

I don't know if I need to separate my hair ?

General Questions

That is my head! Knots are starting to form in my hair and I don't know if I should seperate the BIG BIG knots that look weird.In the back of my neck there is a HUGE knot.. When am I supposed to separate my hair? Am I supposed to do it now? And how do I do it?

updated by @kim-brisebois: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
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