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a filmaker like no other alejandro jodorowsky

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/03/13 08:25:48PM

i 1st was exposed to the films of alejandro jodorowsky completely by accident. i was watching just random films i never heard of always on a quest to find something completely unique and original. i 1st saw santa sangre, and was absolutely sure i had found what i was looking for from the very 1st shots!

it wasnt easy to find the rest of his films untill i did some reasearch as to why such a brilliant filmmakers films were so hard to find.

after the premiere of fanto y lis there was a riot, earning an illegal or banned fitls status here in america.

additionaly after working on 1 film a producer attempted to force jodorowsky into a sequal., or remake to the story of o a film about a masochistic woman, but jodorowsky had long been on a spiritual quest (one wich hed mastered) and through that found feminism so refused to direct the film, even leaving the country in order to avoid filming. because of this 2 of his films el topo and the holy mountain were held captive ..unreleased by the producer for 30 years and would never be released on dvd or videotape (you can find them on torent sites however)

both jodorowsky, and his sun star in many of his films, and he wroye the scripts as well as directed.

when dune was being concidered for a movie jodorowsky was the only director considered. and dine would have stared salvador dali and orson wells who both requested and recieved outragious compensation. the script for the movie was thicker then a phone book and the resulting film would have been 14 hours long

over 2 million was spend before 1 frame was recorded to film. jodorowsky is still planning on releasing his version of dune

his year he is also suposed to release the sequal to el yopo as well as his autobiographical documentary

joorowsky was also a spiritualist and healer who developed 3 new types of therapies after spending years developing a new tarot system



initiative massage

during his spiritual development he was encouraged to experiment with lsd during the filming of the holy mountain

as surreal and strangely twisted as his films can be theres also a spiritual thread through them as well

if you like strange unusual or unique films like i do id highly recommend checking a few out

the holy mountain was created at the request of john lennon of the beatles who also helped have fanto y lis released in the us after it was banned following the mexico riots at its premier

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