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Root Flipping AKA Interlocking? NO FLIPPING WAY!!!!

Alinka Gee
9 years ago
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I would like to share my experience of flipping, flipping root flipping! DON'T DO IT, EVER! I went to a loctician 6 months ago for a 'tidy up', thought hey, treat, myself, leave it to the 'expert'. But oh no! 6 months down the line, I have dreads that can only be described as STRANGLED by the 'flipping' process.

Bad news, never do it. It created tight spots in my dreads, so tight that I may loose the dreads that were flipped. I have learnt that the naturally forming knots flow through your dreads, they need space to breathe and move. The flipping created nasty tight spots, horrible. So now I have 6 months new growth and tights spots.

Trying to 'unflip' them is ok if freshly 'flipped'. Do this straight away if you can, seriously...

My own are mostly too far gone. No way of telling which way they were flipped to unflip them and without causing further damage.... I tried oil to loosen to have a look to see if I can work out which way they could be unflipped, but to no avail. Too tight and probably flipped lots of times. So... please, please learn from my bad : ( experience, NEVER flip. It causes DAMAGE, can be so severe, you can loose your dreads.

Hope that helps... 

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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your right those spots are at least 35% weaker (can be much weaker then that) but that alones still pretty strong, except those spots are snap points, where the elasticirty, the shock obsorbtion, that keeps them from breaking is gone, those areas dont stretch if yanked, instead they snap

breaking off is a risk, however not a guarantee theres a chance they may never break

but ..youmay have permenant weird krinkle points or gaps, or holes.

if you had contin ued to do it you Are nearly guaranteede to have traction alopecia and balding (out of roughly 40,000 cases of interlocking aka root flipping i have seen 4...yes 4  that did not seem to have trouble from it) its a very high risk thing to do to dreads

notoriously bad  in fact so bad that locticians routinely change the name ofthe process every several  years so they can continue to do it while avoiding the "common knowledge" fac ts that it can cause dread loss and balding

some names its known by:

  • root flipping
  • interlocking
  • looping
  • rooting
  • knotting
  • sisterlocks
  • brotherlocks
  • nappylocks
  • latching or latchhooking
  • loc stitching
  • there are other names too, more come  out all thetime in fact, many locticians now no longer will tell you what they are doing, claiming its a secret technique they developed, and they can't tell you and give away thier trade secrets..  any salon that will not tell you exactly what they do and use, as well as all the ingredients in the products they use must be avoided at all costs.

interlocking or root flipping is 1 of the worse, and most rediculous proceesses salons use.

a few of the more trustworthy salons (there are very very few that are trustworthy) will refuse to interlock or rootflip

if a salon suggests it, or doesn't warn you not to do it then you should  know not to trust that loctician




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