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Wha ta do?????? Try an save dem or start over?

Dreadley Seven
10 years ago
7 posts

Ahrite, mi try an mek dis simple as possible.

Started mi dreads 7 months ago. Had them sectioned and backcombed then flipped the roots bout four times (once per month). Then mi found this site xD. So mi stopped flippin an been jus lettin dem do dem own ting for 3 months now. i can now see how mi dreads would do if i went completely natural but because they were forced into sections and backcombed then flipped i can see how dem want ta do dem own ting.

So here's mi dilemma

Should i continue to let dem go an see wha happens?

or, should i shave dem off an start all over da complete natural way?

I really don't like da idea of shavin dem offf tho but i would like to have dem look da natural way.

ruff decision

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

theres a 3rd option comb them out then start over

you can let them continue from here thats fine

but if its important that they are natural then comb them out

i wouldnt shave if you shave thats a year to get enough length to dread

u can let them continue and new natural dreads will pop up now and then

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Dreadley Seven
10 years ago
7 posts

can't comb 'em. da roots been flippped 4 times. dem a knotted.

wha if i let dem grow out den cut da un-natureal ones off?

Nicole Schaefer
10 years ago
70 posts

You can still comb em even with flipped roots. Just takes a lot of time and conditioner and a good comb. Maybe you can do a few a day?

But yes you could just let them be, and then cut off the ends when they get longer. Its up to you!

Dreadley Seven
10 years ago
7 posts

Ahrite den mi tink i jos let dem go an cut da backcomb out l8r

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