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14 months natural dreads timeline

Tamir Klein
6 years ago
3 posts

Just got the front done a few weeks ago. The back is all natural. How they looking fellow dread enthusiast

updated by @tamir-klein: 07/22/15 12:16:30PM
Christine Tiffany Smith
6 years ago
15 posts

wow... they look GREAT!!!!!!!

6 years ago
22 posts

Just updated with pictures from 7 months!

The shrinkage is no way near stopping.

6 years ago
2 posts

about how much do you think your hair shrank?

6 years ago
22 posts

I love it!!! I want length, like anyone else, but that will come with time. I've lost over half my length, but I have very fine, fluffy, curly hair and I feel like that contributed to lots of shrinkage.

For now, I'm just excited about the progess!

6 years ago
13 posts

Awesome! My step son had me back comb for ever and I told him to be careful washing them and he went swimming the next day! D'oh! Now he is on 4 months of no brushing and has 5 baby ones.

Eric Andrikowich
6 years ago
38 posts

Awesome dreads!

Isaiah Hall
6 years ago
7 posts

right on! beautiful locks!

Danielle Hache
6 years ago
101 posts

they look amazing

5 years ago
22 posts

Nine months now, just added four pictures. Check it out!


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