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1 and a half month old dreads and water

10 years ago
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Hey man, I live in FL to, the heat can become miserable (especially lately because my cars air conditioning stopped working)I waited maybe 5days to wash my first time,I'd imagine that first wash felt awesome :)go to the beach when you get a chance, the salt water is great for your locks, helped mine alot in the past.have fun at the water park (wetNwild?)also sometimes in this ridiculous heat we've been having and I know my hair will dry fast outside, I'll just get my hair intentionally soaked if I'm not really doing anything important.
updated by @iain: 07/13/15 11:49:22AM
10 years ago
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Thank you all for everything again! You have no idea ho great it felt to wash my hair, I was seriously going insane! Iain, I actually just went to the beach the other day and I have to agree the salt water worked wonders on my hair, and yeah wetNwild is the place to be =-)Thanks again guys I really appreciate it!
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