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Panterra Caraway
08/25/10 02:56:03AM @panterra-caraway:
Hey! Glad to hear from you...and glad to also hear you are making progress!!!! That is awesome! I too find that the ocean water works wonders...I collect it every chance I get. I just passed my 2 mos. mark and I am feeling alittle grumpy...some days I see definite progress and other days not much but a rats nest! Lol I guess I have the rest of my life to get, no rush. Wanted to tell you but forgot before...I really like the tattoo on your neck of the green are you Irish...or do you just like to get drunk???!~!! LOL

Panterra Caraway
08/23/10 12:40:47AM @panterra-caraway:
Haven't heard from you in are things? So, the back combing came out...but that is still seeing progress? Hope things are fine! Send me an update.... Sending a smile.

Panterra Caraway
08/01/10 12:37:21AM @panterra-caraway:
It does suck in the beginning! Especially in hot weather!! Nothing like a wool tam in 103 weather, ha! It does get easier though. I am at about 5 weeks. My hair is very thick and course and curly, so it was alittle stubborn. I found that sea salt spray works wonders....actually, I use ocean water from trips to the might try it! Anyways, hang in is all worth it!!!! :D

Panterra Caraway
07/26/10 02:15:03AM @panterra-caraway:
Go enjoy the water and by all means...wash that stuff! Treat your hair basically like you always would except..1) Don't touch it! 2) Wash it with baking soda/ACV/ Dr. Bronner's 3) Don't comb or brush ever again 4)Use alittle sea salt spray if you like 5) Wear a tam That is it! Realize that dreads are not an instant hairstyle. Have patience and don't worry. It will get worst before it gets better and in the end it will all right itself. The best thing is don't look in the mirror for the next 6 mos.Lol! Good luck! This was short but sweet...Hopes it helps!

06/29/10 09:15:16PM @opaulao:
Nothing to do really. Dreads are the lowest maintenance hair style out there. Backcombing makes for really poofy dreads that stick out(knotty afro xD).They will get worse before they get better. They will go through a loopy and kinky stage but it will pass in a few months.Just enjoy life and forget about them.. that's the best advice I've gotten :)Oh and don't wait to wash. Many sites say that too. Wash whenever you feel the need to. Ideally 1-4 times a week depending on if they need it.

06/29/10 08:35:32PM @opaulao:
Well if you're not done then yeah definitely no more wax.Rubber bands are not really necessary either. It's ok for the dreads to come undone before the dread. The knots you create are not dread knots. They will need to form their own knots naturallyMy advice, forget the wax, forget the rubber bands. Finish the backcombing, and for maintenance, wash with baking soda and separate if they grow together. nothing else :)man I'm realy glad you found us now!! :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/29/10 08:29:48PM @soaring-eagle:
no id remove the wax because its sooooo hard to get out and so bad for dreads unless u want your head to be an experiment to prove the difference between waxed and non waxed dreadsand the bands i would not leave on longer then a day or 2in fact backcombing was never neededbut as long as u get rid of the waxc theyll be fine

06/29/10 08:24:06PM @david2:
Well Thanks for letting me know... I have just began the backcombing process and am halfway done so should I just not use wax on the rest of my head and stilll rubber band at the root and tip?

06/29/10 08:11:13PM @opaulao:
Welcome!Glad you're here right now. Wax is no good for dreads. Although it's highly advertised, it will build up inside of the dreads. It will make them stiff and, because it is waterproof, it will hold in moisture and could lead to mold inside your dreads.But you've only done it once(or a couple of times) so you can still avoid all of this. There is a link to wax removal on the front page :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/29/10 07:58:45PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome ohk u made a drastic mistake but u arrived just in time you used wax.. wax is dread death its evil but u just did it so get it all out your in luck u just started so start over is absolutelly a great way to go so u dont waste 8 months trying to remove wax only to cut them off and start over rightok so lets get rid of the wax and we'll get u going right

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