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bushy dreads and some other follys

10 years ago
127 posts
listen shower jus keep ur head dry and ur strait and wash with baking soda and ACV rinse every once or twice a week, add oils such as tea tree oil if u like Joe muir said:
I only shower in the morning so I think Im safe from mildew and all that gunk. I just shower to wake up, my body produces alot of oils and I feel greasy in the morning. and thank you soaringeagle you are as wise and all knowing as you look.

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Joe muir
10 years ago
75 posts
thank you once again. I dont know what I would be doing without this site and its visitors.
Jim the Kraken
10 years ago
81 posts
throw some beads on to help the dreading process along a little bit. from my experience it tightens up the knotted hairs faster.
ashley ✿
10 years ago
167 posts
I had the exact same problem, and your TnR will kind of fall out of their little things and become dreads on their own...they will be kind of frizzy and what not, but eventually they will straighten out and what not...when they start getting loose, do not freak out, cause that's what i did. after a discussion here, I realized that they're basically doing their own thing, and if they want to un ravel, and dread naturally, they should be able to...most of mine, but like, four have fallen out most of the way, but are dreading up pretty nicely...I hope this helped at kinda tired, and rambling...
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