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Help with dreads

10 years ago
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Yeah, three inches (maybe a little more) but I don't have a full head of dreads yet. I have about 6-12 on the back of my head and the rest of my head is sectioning into dreads. In August I'm gonna start wearing a wool tam again and that should help my hair lock up and then in September I'm gonna use a few beads to help em out but other than that I'm just chillin. The day that I decided to dread I was gonna go with the Knotty boy products but I knew my hair was too short so I let it grow for a couple months and then I did the research on this site and found that going natural was just perfect for where I was at in life and so I decided to go natural and I accepted that I wouldn't have dreads for a year but no matter what I wasn't gonna give up. At five months and three weeks I noticed a couple dreads sticking out from behind my neck and got so stoked. It's an awesome experience. But yeah, by January I should have a full head of dreads, that's what I'm hoping at least. It might take a little longer but it's all good. Just gotta keep up the commitment. I may not have shoulder length dreads for five may just be two years. Who knows? It all depends on the locks. But you should go on youtube and watch futurama5656, he went natural from a fade and his locks turned out pretty unique. He has tons of loose hair but he's at peace with it and he loves his locks. Then you should check out the videos by eyeheartchrist, his locks are insanely awesome. He's even got a tail that looks like four dreads combined into one.But like SE said, a good church is a mountain or a rock or a tree. Atom said:
awesome.. yall ill try that out fasho.. im down with a lil wildness. so how long are ur dreads? u dnt have a pic but u said u started with a buzz n been goin for like six months or so eh? so bout 3 inches? bout the same as mine?

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