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My locs look exactly like fish hooks on the tips

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 months ago
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that's awesome wish i went so young

actualy i often campo at kid villiage (don't have kids myself but kid villiage folks i veryu highly respect) lovin ovens  is more my fami8ly  but they too oftemn set up in the hardest to reach spots 

so hows this work/ i write ya a excuse note? @peaceful-passer has a really good excuse, please excuse her from having to stay where she doesn't want to be?

usually  you only need to marry to get into the country (like the so called 1st lady whois a 3rd wife did)

never heard of having to marry to leave a state

but if that's what it takes  im sure we can work ouit a good excuse for ya..i think 'i donm;t want to be here' is a good enough excudse

ugh too titred to type 

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