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Layers and thin hair?

4 years ago
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I am 9 days into my journey again and I have NO progress compared to last time.. By day 9 last time I had loops all over and massive sections. During my comb out however, I lost A LOT of hair and then a few days later I got a hair cut, my mom gave me layers.

Will having thinner hair or layers make my hair progress slower? I am doing everything the same as last time but I am barely seeing any changes whatsoever. :( It's almost like my first time going neglect was a fluke and I lost my chance because I combed out. I feel discouraged.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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its only been 9 days the difference could be washing once more 1 windy day 1 sleepless night really nothing give it 9 weeks and it will average out

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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4 years ago
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SE I wanted to ask this in the Facebook group but I'm keeping my journey hush hush from my public Facebook for a few months, so I'll ask you here:

When I combed out my dreadlings (about 3 weeks ago) I had to use an entire bottle of conditioner to get them out....

Do you think that maaaybe there's still some conditioner in my hair and it's slowing down my progress?
Do you think I should do a BS soak to get it out?
Do I HAVE to use ACV (I don't have any)?
AND is it 1 tablespoon of baking soda per 1 cup of water?

Sorry for all the questions lol.
A lot of people say to strip your hair with BS before starting your journey but I wasn't sure if it's the same with neglect.

Cody Harder
4 years ago
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Dawww, what happen?? Why did you have to comb out? I can tell you really want dreads, though, so go for it!

4 years ago
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My hair looked the same for close to 1 month (I am only 9 weeks in). It's just now starting to go through a different stage, but still not really knotting up yet- just messier. :)

I had many expectations, & have slowly just let them go. I try not to compare myself to others. The only thing I'm really be conscious of is separating so that when they do knot, they are good sizes (the curls have sectioned naturally, but I just don't want multiple curls locking into a giant section). The first month-- when I was sitting on the couch at the end of the night with no distractions in sight, I would practically have to SIT on my hands so as to not finger comb all of my hairs back to normal. Now I'm past that stage. I think we all go through it, we all get discouraged sometimes. But then I think about this-- I would get discouraged with my hair when I was messing with it a lot too. I quite like the organic look, & don't care what anyone says.

My partner has had natural dreads for 7 years (he started with a buzz cut so they are just now at his chest & look so sexy!) He is from CT EVERY TIME his mom sees him, she says (over & over again): "When are you gonna cut your hair? When are you gonna cut your hair? You have such beautiful hair. Claire, his nickname in high school was pantene boy. Pantene boy! Make him cut his hair. When are you gonna cut your hair?" He HATES it. It is so degrading & insulting to him, she just cannot get past it & basically judges his entire life based off of it. But then you start to realize there are so many things in her life that she missed out on due to being so square & so judgmental & so damn traditional- always following the orders of others, caring more about what they thought of her & her family than of what would truly make her happy. Practically all of her decisions have been made based off of what would make her peers & society "happy". I made the mistake of posting a photo on FB (ONE TIME) & his mother called him & asked him to tell me to comb my hair. So now I don't mention it. Unless people are in my immediate life (or here), I just don't mention it. & even in my immediate life, I still don't really mention it- just not brushing my hair, seeing what happens, ya know. I keep it casual. There's something about slapping on labels that makes things scary, especially in the beginning when you are still building your confidence.

Anyway, this is a long rant; my point is--- I can relate, Mama! Go for it! Strive to be the beautiful, organic woman that you are & don't settle for becoming complacent, judgmental, or overly critical of yourself or others. I believe those kinds of people will never be truly happy, how could they be? This is your life-your journey. Do what makes you happy whether combing or not- in all parts of life! Your hair will knot & dread & be beautiful & free! Post pics here :):)

4 years ago
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I think my biggest problem is that I'm a stay-at-home mom. I am bored a lot. So I am constantly looking at my hair. With my last attempt at neglect locks I had to separate knots and matted hair starting at about 9 days in. I had "freakishly" amazing progress so fast. So now I keep comparing this set to my last set, although I KNOW they are going to have different progress because I have a lot less hair this time around. I am staying patient though, I am not going to give up. When I touch the back of my head I definitely can feel some knotting and matting going on so I know SOMETHING is happening. Last time it was the right side of my head that knotted up first. It's going to be different but I'm going to embrace it all. I'll definitely be posting pictures when I have more progress! Right now it just looks like my hair is wavy and dirty lol.

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