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Peyote stitch! =]

Megan Atwood
5 years ago
40 posts
I've recently started making my own peyote stitches! They're a lot easier than I thought they'd be, I've always been a crafter and love working with cords and beads. I've never been into the seed bead thing until I started thinking about peyote stitch. I mostly just worked with hemp and crochet and knitting projects. Anyways, my peyote stitch is a little rough, but I'm perfecting my methods slowly but surely. I have some questions though, would anyone reccomend wearing them in baby dreads? And I think they would be a great business venture once I get better at it. I'm not trying to sell anything now but another thing I'd like to ask this wonderful community is, would you buy handcrafted peyote sleeves, and what would you think a good price is? I've looked on places like eBay and etsy and they just seem overpriced to me, upwards of $15 for just one.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
29,361 posts

yes u can wear on baby dreads tes id pay for them when not broke yes u can set up a shop here yes 15 os high but doable ive seen em for 25

7 is a fair reasonable price bur depends how long they take

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My dreads are over 10 feet long

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Casey Fay
5 years ago
90 posts

I would love to buy handmade. I think a good way to set a price is how long in hours it took to create. Base that on minimum wage. Plus supplies. That is how the crafters do around here.Be fair to yourself but remember who will buy. When I sell my patchy pants. I would rather see someone buy one than me hold on to them until someone can give me the most money.Good luck, Look forward to seeing your work.

Megan Atwood
5 years ago
40 posts
Thanks for the input everyone! I'd love to get a stock together in a little while. I think that 15-25 is a pretty unfair price, the supplies that goes into one sleeve is less than a dollar! I'd like to sell them for just enough for me to make a little bit of a profit, plus a little extra to dontate a percentage to the site and maybe other good causes. I think 7-10 is a lot more fair. It really irks me seeing people make so much off these, they don't take long to make at all. Im gonna keep practicing and build up a stock over the next couple months! SE, do you think they'd help combat the little bit of crochet damage I've got going on? It's not much, I made sure to be very gentle with the hook and didnt hear any rips, only have a few loose hairs=] and the only my hooks are gonna touch from now on is yarn. Lol.
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