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stinky dreads?

brittany leigh
11 years ago
11 posts

Got out of the shower today, washed my dreads for the first time in about 4 days. Baking soda is what I use. Its been about two hours and they are starting to smell like the same smell when you leave your clothes in the washer for too long. I have noticed this the last couple times I washed them. But before that I don't think they ever smelled like this. I don't get them wet between washes. I would say I usually wash them once every 4 to 6 days.
Any idea what's going on with em?

Thank youu!


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mindy sue
11 years ago
9 posts
brittany leigh
11 years ago
11 posts

Yah..they are usually dry within a couple hours. Unless I should be blow drying them or something to dry them quicker?

11 years ago
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Sounds like mold/mildew to me D: I know I've heard about how dreads may feel dry, but the inside can still be quite wet. So maybe the inside hasn't been drying quick enough especially if you've slept on them while wet or if where you live has lots of moisture in the air. Plus, it's been getting cooler out so maybe that has something to do with it? Still, I noticed your profile said your dreads are over two years old, seems sort of strange something like this is happening now, but then again, I'm still pretty new at dreading so I may not know as much as others on here. :)

To be on the safe side, I would go through the mold-removing regimen posted here and see if that helps. Definitely wouldn't hurt!

Karen Guy
11 years ago
36 posts
My daughter & I are having the same problem. soaring eagle sent us in the right direction. I just ordered Rot Knot from the Dreadlock shampoo site that is recommended on this site. I can't wait to get it the mail. I am tired of smelly like mildewy laundry.hope that helps?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,636 posts

karen it definately will help

dont hesitate to use alot and really squeeze it on in there

ive used the entire bottle at once to test and it wasnt hard to rinse out or anything

you'll smell yummy after

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