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how to wash not yet formed dreadlocks?

10 years ago
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Hi there ppl!

I want to grow dreads the neglect method, but with separation.. I've been growing my hair and not combing for about a year. It has about 6" and it has not yet formed any dreads.

I am currently washing my hair with a shampoo. I also have a homemade soap for the body but it does not wash the hair very good.

What is the best method to wash the hair naturally (without chemicals)? I've heard about using residue free soaps.. I've also heard about the no-poo method.. and maybe using homemade stuff.. but I really don't know.. I'd like to ask what would you recommend? (pls note that I live in Europe and can't get all the products in the US).

Much Thanks!

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Amy Christina Peel
10 years ago
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ive recently just finished my hair with dreads ive heared about bicarb washing them but not washing new dtreads too much theres also dreadlock shampoo on ebay it looks like soap bars if thats any help

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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bicarb and acv wash every 3-4 or so days minumum every 7\

1 cup bicarb to 10 cups water or 1/2 to 5

mix pour over head soak 10 minutes (no scrubbing) then rinse\

then mix a spoonful or 2 of acv (apple cider vinegar ) in the same amount of water pour on and rinse right away

that or

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