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Itchy scalp with inflamed roots...

5 years ago
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hey guys and girls,

I have 8 month old free forming locks, which are doing fantastically :D but my scalp has been crazy itchy the past few days and I started feeling bumps... so I asked my partner to have a look and he said that the roots themselves are inflamed and red. Not all but quite a lot of them...

I shower in cold water since it's summer - and use dreadlockshampoo whenever I remember to (maybe once a week?)

anyone know anything to stop this pain?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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hmm sounds like ingrown hair or some sort of infection try teatree oil it will maybe sting when u apply but if it is an infection it should kill the bacteria and help

thats just a gut feeling though

do u pull them up tight or anything

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5 years ago
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I put them up in a bun usually, but not tight at all.... I;ll do tea tree and not put them up for some time. Thanks :)

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