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Hair type?!?!?

Niko Krupke
5 years ago
13 posts

Don't you think your hair type would matter as well when it came to knotting up? I've read many posts on the forums and it just seems if you have knotty/ratty hair you can easily create 'dreadlocks' as where people who don't it is a challenge. Not saying any of you don't know what you're talking about, I guess this is more of a question.

Maybe I'm just having trouble believing my hair will naturally lock up, perfectly.

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Niko Krupke
5 years ago
13 posts

This was the wrong category, but oh well!

5 years ago
359 posts

Hair type has everything to do with how your hair will dread. But all hair will dread, the curlier the hair the shorter it needs to be before it dreads. I think its pretty much that simple. No doubt all hair will dread if you don't comb it. But what do you mean by perfectly? Your hair will dread perfectly for the type of hair you have.


Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

It matters in that some hair dreads quicker than others, but all hair will dread. It's just the natural thing for hair to do, but obviously if you have super-straight hair that never seems to tangle, it'll take longer than someone whose hair tangles loads just in one day.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Sure it makes a difference, but only with TIME. No matter the hair type, all you need is patience and it will dread....People with thin fine hair should grow thin dreads, it fills out beauifullyr. People with very silky hair may find it takes longer, but if a sea salt spray is used, that helps a lot. I did not have "ratty/knotty" hair when I started and I was able to dread, I had thick, long straight hair. .....peace

What else determines the time length? water type, frequency of washing, oily hair, hair length, habits like finger combing, wearing hats, tying up dreads, .....and so on

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