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dandruff and itch

5 years ago
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Hi guys. Im at a year and 3-4 months (lost track) and very happy. Well thing is i still need to wash religously every third day. If not, I get itchy and dandruff. I've been using BS/acv and dreadlockshampoo dragon blood and Nag Champa. Is there any way I can go about keping my scalp happy and healthy for longer periods witjout wash? . Im goin camping for a week and don't know if ill be able to wash as much. A different shampoo? help!
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5 years ago
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With every wash, whether it's the bucks county bars or BS/ACV, I always follow a rinse of Rosemary, Peppermint, & Tea Tree Oil (I personally do 10 drops of rosemary & 10 drops of peppermint, only 5 or 6 drops of tea tree since it's so strong, to 1/2 a pitcher of cold-as-I-can-get water).

I used to have terrible itching, now it's pretty much nonexistent since I use these 3 oils AND I use COLD water. I only use warm water with BS then followed up with cold ACV).

Many people will just add the drops to the ACV rinse during BS/ACV, but I recommend doing it separately with cold water so that you can just leave the essential oils in your hair. (you can find the oils at essential trading post or mountain rose herbs, I'd buy in 1 oz quantities to save money, they last me about 6 months or 3 months for just 1/2 oz). Tea tree lasts me twice as long.

Also, you can bring a pitcher and enough BS & ACV if you want to do 1 wash while camping. A pitcher might seem to big to bring but I fill it with socks or other clothing in so that it doesn't end up taking room when camping. Otherwise, you could just go without for a week or make a spray of peppermint, rosemary, & tea tree in order to stop the itching without the need for a wash.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Joey, Those are the exact things I wash with. Have you tried using the BS/ACV only once a month now, and the shampoos for the rest of the time? That's what I do now. .....If you have not already, try finishing off you shower with a cold head rinse, as cold as you can take.....

Here is a posting from a member who got rid of her dandruff:

If you scalp is itchy, you can make a spray bottle mixture using the same things as the members post above...add some water to it also, and spray that right onto your scalp if it gets itchy. Just give the bottle a good shake before using. I did not always use the ACV and fried out my hair and scalp for a couple of months, this spray mixture is what I used and my scalp felt terrific right after I sprayed it.....

Good luck, hope you get relief fast, ...try the cold head rinse.....peace

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