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Mokey's Natural Timeline

Brandy Alanna
5 years ago
2 posts

I thought about starting my timeline the day I stopped brushing, but then figured "what's the point?" Thought about it again when I reached a month, but once again put it off. So here I am now at a month and almost 2 weeks, being UN-lazy, finally. I stopped brushing June 7th and saw tons of sectioning within the first hour of having dry hair after my shower.

Day 1:

Anywho, June 25 I found myself in the hospital until the 30th due to pulmonary embolism, which is where I got my first taste of the negativity that comes with being nappy headed. During intake I was accused of having lice, not the bugs mind you, just the eggs, (because that makes all the sense in the world) so they were going to have to shampoo and comb my hair. I'll admit, I wasn't too far into the process, but I did cry. Not only was the thought of them combing my hair heartbreaking but I was also extremely humiliated to see the intake nurses standing outside my room laughing as they watched me cry. I'm pregnant, they've just found multiple blood clots in both of my lungs that could kill me and my unborn child, and I'm wondering if I made a mistake by leaving my 2 year old asleep at home without telling her goodbye first and these people want to make fun! Anyways, I told them they weren't getting near my head with a comb. So for the next 3 days I sat in my hospital bed while the doctors and nurses are in and out of my room wearing protective garb and when I leave my room I'm ordered to wear a cap so as not to infest anyone else. After 3 DAYS OF HUMILIATION I'm finally able to get someone to come in and check my head, give the all clear AND an apology and everything is hunky-dory again. No more leper Mokey. For now. A month in I really don't feel like I've made too much progress. My hair separated really fast, and then pretty much hit a stopping point. No knots, no loops. I was using a knotty boy shampoo bar which tends to make my scalp pretty itchy so I've recently switched to Dr. Bronner's. Once a week I spray my hair with a pink salt spray and follow that with my bs wash. My sections seem to be tightly twisted (not sure if that's normal and I don't think it would show up in a picture) with looser hairs wrapping around them, holding the twist in place, if that makes sense.

1 month (and 2 days):

Still have a couple of clumps of hair that just don't seem to want to join any of their peer groups. At almost a month and a half I feel like progress has come to a complete halt and possibly even gone back some. It has rained here every day for the past month and is EXTREMELY humid. Should I be trying to protect my hair from the elements or just let it be? I duuunnnnooooooo. Will update again on the 7th.

updated by @brandy-alanna: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,587 posts

just let it be they are progressing fine

was that in portland oregin?

i had the exact same hospitol experience in portland they even denied me a nesacary operation if i didnt shave my head

i lost the use of my left hand due to thier ignorance

funny thing is on pa when i actualy had lice the only protective measure the dr toolk was gloves

in oregion they never came into the room standing by the door 8 feet away claiming they can tell i had em from that distance

what i had was red man sybndrome caused by the antibiotics they were pumping in me too quickly

finaly after so many quel treatments (4 a day youer never suposed to use it more then every 2 weeks or is it 10 days) and final 1 left on fir hours (suposed to never leave on longer then 15 min) my scalp was peeling off in bloody chunks

they still insisted i had em till 1 brave nurse came in and had a look and said "i see white things but they are irregularly shaped clearly not eggs and you never hads eggs just dandruff"

they tortured me

it wasnt untill i git the dreadlockshampoo that my scalp stopped bleeding and coming off in chunks it was a disaster for like 12 years thanbks to that hospitol

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Brandy Alanna
5 years ago
2 posts

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. The medical field is one place where you would THINK that people wouldn't be so small minded. But then again, I guess in a career where it's crucial to sometimes make snap judgements...... well, I guess I don't really need to say much more than that. It just sucks when people take advantage of their positions. Thanks for sharing, although it sucks to hear the extent that yours reached. Glad you're okay! And mine was in Pensacola FL.

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