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Week 4 Au Naturale ( I guess)- with questions

Jon Latta
5 years ago
4 posts

Alright so its been a month since the tnr and heres what i have found. Nearly all tnr has worked its way out and is now redoing its own thing. The curls are ravenous and i seem to have no control over where they go. At first the tnr seemed to guide the dreading conversation on my head, but now not so much. Should I just not fight it and allow some large and some small dreads?

Next question: I am pretty active, meaning i generate a good amount of sweat daily. So how do I deal with this with the early stages? Is it ok to thoroughly rinse my hair each day and stick to the b/s wash two to three times a week? What do you overactive dreadies do?

Also how often do you all use acv? I have been using it with each wash (2-3 times weekly) and it has helped with my scaling scalp tremendously. However, now my hair is taking on a new sheen, like its greasy. Is that from the acv?

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Hannah Moore
5 years ago
68 posts

Id say just allow your dreads to do their own thing and just seperate when needed to avoid congos and getting too big. I did tnr to begin with and some stayed in, some came out by itself but after a month I decided to take it out and start over naturally.

Not to sure about the sweating thing but Id imagine as long as your hair has time to completely dry between washes and isnt constantly wet it should be ok but best to get the advice of someone who actually knows.

And I dont personally use the bs/acv wash but I have done in the past andyou really should use the acv every time you use bs or youll end up damaging your hair. But you only need a very small amount of diluted acv... if I remember right its like5ml acvto 5 cups water? You literally need to apply that to your hair then wash straight away, preferably with cold water as this will help with itchyness and dandruff aswell...

Hope that helps and good luck with your journey =]

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,334 posts

let em do thier thing but dont let any get too big

hows yoiur diet? sweats water and salt when pure no smell at all and great for dreads but if u are a meat eater or eat processed foods or crap your sweat contains toxins bacteria you name it so u get body odor

the more pure the diert the less u gotta worry biut sweat

bs should always be followed by acv unless your very oily

but u maybe using too much acv>?

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Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,730 posts

Like everyone said, just let them do their own thing now. You're only 1 month in. That's nothing. You have about 11 more to go before they are mature. So be patient. Just keep them from getting too big, unless you want super fat locks. Then ask me for details on how to take care of them. They can be a bit trickier than thinner locks.

Do you wear a headband or anything? That should absorb most of the sweat. In the early stages, you could rinse every day, since your hair will dry faster. but as they mature they will dry slower, so you may want to get used to washing less often, now. If your head starts to itch, get some peppermint oil and jojoba oil. Mix about 10-20 drops peppermint with a good squirt of jojoba in a spray bottle. Top it off with water. Then spray as needed. ALWAYS use jojoba when working with essential oils, especially peppermint.

If your scalp in normally oily, it means your scalp is too acidic. Don't use ACV. If you aren't normally oily, use ACV after each BS wash. You don't need much at all, and it doesn't need to sit for long (seconds is enough). As your locks get more mature, you can use a little more ACV, and leave it in longer. But you don't need to worry about that for a while

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