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Timeline from Germany :-) by Jule

5 years ago
20 posts


and thank you for visit my site and my journey

My Name is Jule and I live in Germany - near Karlsruhe (Black Forret), so - my english isn`s so good.

Im a mother of 5 (23, 19, 16, 13 and 2 years old) and work as a Doula. This year in September I became 42 years.

I want Dreads about more than 20 years and now my journey starts :-)

Sorry - for the lage image at the beginning - later I found out how to make them smaler ;-)

So, my first Babydread in the middle of April 2012 - my hair is now near my hips and I color with natural Henna

One Week later after washing - must practice my first separation, for the underhair - my arms hurts ;-)

more knots are growing - love it :-)

After two weeks? I don`t know exactly because I don`t want to look to often in the mirror and don`t want to waste my time by thinking about how long this or this will be ;-) I startet someday in April and this is on the 30.4.

bad hair day ;-) but who cares? ;-)

Hurra - welcome my first little Loop <3

My "Underhair" near my neck and all around is everytime a big, big Knot and very hard to separat it

Step by step more sections came - welcome :-)

Love it :-)

Messy ;-) Like a bird nest, waiting for the first bird to live in ;-)

Now one from my underhair became to roll and loops - :-)

Now the right side starts to move ;-)

Ah...I just find how make the picture smaler ;-) my first at the backside :-)


Amazing what ways my hair want to go :-)

My first Loop and how it changed - always in process - every day new

And here my first "Loop" today (19.05.13) - amazing about the shrinkling of my hair - this is now about my ear - not my hips ;-)

Just my and my Youngest ;-)

Be continue .... :-)

updated by @jule: 02/08/18 12:00:08AM
the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Wow, your hair is looping like crazy now, it looks fantastic...I love your who cares attitude ....Peace

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