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11 months ago
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Hello! I have no pic to post right now...  but I am at my 7.5 month mark. I am kind of at a mullet stage. Lol! The top of my head has dreaded nicely. They are all fat, short and tight. The bottom/underneath parts of my hair are still long and loopy or just completely undreaded. My mom says, "I'm just so thankful you have a pretty face!" Laugh So funny! I am enjoying the journey. I feel like I have left all stress and worry about them behind, which is a freeing feeling.

Over and out.

I will do pics one day soon. Maybe. :)

7 months ago
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Happy Birthday, dreads. This is my 1 year mark on this deadlock journey. :) Crazzzzzy. The dreads on the top of my head have matured very well. I am sure they have more maturing to go, but comarped to the rest of my hair, they are doing great. The sides are still struggling a bit to hold any dreads. The back is doing much better than before. Actually, a couple of the are suuuuuuper fat and short (and ugly). I have a ton of different lengths of hair now. I will post a picture of my only hairstyle that looks good. I try to keep it down when I am home, which is 5 days a week with my kiddos. I will try to do better pics soon.
7 months ago
39 posts
20170901_170037.jpg  •  174KB

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
7 months ago
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congrats! ajnd looking goiod

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