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Hello :)

11 years ago
21 posts

I actually joined a couple days ago but i'm still new, lol.
My dread journey started on 06.24.2013 so right now i'm on my second day.

My hair is fine, yet very thick, with a slight wave to it. Naturally kind of a flaxen blonde with darker roots and lighter ends (but right now it's dyed brown). So basically i have your typical scandinavian-type hair.

Ever since i was little, i knew of dreads. I was into bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot from an early age and thus i had a lot of dreadlocks exposure :P When i was about thirteen i had dreads during the summer, just from going to the beach everyday and swimming in the ocean without brushing my hair out. But when school started back up i had to comb them out due to their rules about how your hair should/shouldn't look.

But now that i'm almost seventeen, my school could care less and i've decided that it's not a phase. I just really love dreadlocks!

If anyone wants to talk feel free to drop me a message. If not, that's fine too i guess lol.

Peace ^-^

updated by @dizzy: 01/13/15 09:54:11PM
Ojas Acharya
11 years ago
172 posts

hi n welcome dizzy :) have a wonder time with ur new baby dreadies. and nice bands too, i used to listen to them a lot too. peace :)

11 years ago
336 posts

Welcome and God Bless your journey, Dizzy']

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