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4-5 inches of hair progress questions

5 years ago
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I've been going all natural and have about and im at this point where i wake up each morning with what seems to be baby dread. They are very very fragile and when it comes to a day where i wash my hair, the baby dreads seem to come undone from the water hitting my head/my hands washing my scalp and when my hair dries its like i rubbed all the baby dreads apart. When i go to bed and wake up in the morning new baby like dreads start to form again. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else and when my hair gets longer will they start to just stop coming undone in the shower? Could someone explain the process? thank you. ill upload a picture of what my hair looks like after 2 days without washing. Are these considered baby dreads?

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5 years ago
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it dont look that tangled yet but sectioned and your hairs a tad short still an inch more will make a buig diference but early on sometimes its just that way 2 steps forward 1 back


how are u washing ..with what and how

want to make sure u rent rubbing em away

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5 years ago
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washing with Patchouli Dreadlockshampoo bar 2-3 times a week. i get my hair fully wet in the shower and then i take the bar place it on my forehead part of scalp then bring it along the top of my scalp and then to the back of my neck. then i do it perpindicular from like ear to ear. Then i take the bar and play with it in my hands and then start to massage my scalp firmly. once fully sudded i continue to massage but i tilt my head back and let the shower head water run through my hair as im massaging it.

5 years ago
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you have started your dread journey, even if you can't see them they are starting & you should think of them as your baby dreads <3

extra length willdefinitelyhelp but i had sections form, split themselves, then reform for a while. it was a lot of back & forth but eventually progress does stay! you can even see in my timeline that one of my months photos looks like i went backwards in progress, but that photo was just taken after a wash where others were all taken before. It took a bit for them to stick for me & I had the length, I just had really silky soft stubborn hair ;) it helped that I didn't use the showerhead because ours is very powerful & seemed to blast my hair straight again. how do you dry?

5 years ago
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after rinising/massaging with my hair back i get out of the shower with my hair back and i bounce up and down to shake the excess water and then let it air dry. how bout you?

5 years ago
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I have the same issues, I have baby dreads but they easily seem to unknot.

here is a picture.

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