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What does having dreads mean to you?

Hannah :)
5 years ago
21 posts

I keep watching videos and reading posts about the spiritual journey behind growing natural dreads. (I wouldnt know yet, Im only a few days in). but Im really interested to see because I keep considering not doing it so Im thinking this might convince me to let them be

So I thought itd be fun to do a little storytelling on here: what does having dreads mean to you? tell me your spiritual journey throughout the dreading process!

I wish you all love and happiness

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Ahil Ganesan
5 years ago
53 posts
Wow I dont know where to start hey, I guess a lot about me changed when I started growing dreads, it was a time when I started questioning things like the authority of religion, the truth about smoking weed, and life on the streets here. I began to spend hour after hour practicing graffiti, an art most of my friends were involved with. I also started reading and learning about history and the nature of modern society. I stared attenig protests ( mostly refugee ones) and really began to learn what i thiught was the reality. But it also had a negative impact on me, i really abandoned my family and rarely came home, thinking that what I was doing was right. I stopped going to school regularly to instead spend schools hours in the bathroom with my brothers smoking weed. I began to deal bud at school and spent my nights out on the street graffing. I eventually got caught graffing and dealing by the cops and Had to go to court, the hardest point of my life so far. Once I got caught I really began to understand what matters in my life. I've stopped smoking and now spend most of my time involved in reading and music. really, I guess that the journey I underwent at the time I began my dreads was both negative and positive. But overall it changed me into a much better character. Now, I can really understand the situations of people around me much better and I am much more connected with the people and things that really matter. Shit I just wrote an essay lol
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,091 posts

this could take a while haha

can i come back to this dealing with a lil tradegy

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Hannah :)
5 years ago
21 posts

of course! I think we'd all love to hear your story so much. and hope all is well, wish you love and happiness

soaring eagle said:

this could take a while haha

can i come back to this dealing with a lil tradegy

5 years ago
9 posts
For me it was an effort to go back to a more old fashioned style to combat pressures to be more modern and superficial. My clothing choices have also reflected that. The lack of time-consuming maintenance is also a plus; I never really had a good relationship with brushes anyway.If you've read the Hunger Games series, you could say it was my way of living more like the districts and less like the Capitol.
5 years ago
83 posts
Well I started honestly because I love how locks look. Also cause I love having my hair long but my hair is so curly its hard to maintain. Wasnt really thinking of it s anything spiritual. But that has changed a time has gone by. I have learned patience above all, to love myself as God made me, to love others without judgment and has given me a sense of freedom. I now don't really care about labels or stereotypes. The people who live me know me for who I am and that's what matters. Well, what started offs something shallow has become so profound and deep...with time.
5 years ago
523 posts
Basically it means freedom for me. I've gone thru a lot of shit over the last 3 years and deciding to dread my hair was the first step in learning to let to of everything. Surrendering. I was still a total whack job until earlier this year, it's been a long process and I know it's not over yet. It wasn't until around June that I realized that by dreading my hair I had finally opened myself up for personal change and growth. For spiritual growth. I live for today now, I'm not agonizing over the past and I'm not anxious for the future. The events leading up to and following my decision to dread have put me where I'm at today. I think that if I had not decided to dread, I'd still be a horribly unhappy person loaded up on antidepressants, anti anxiety stuff and tranquilizers.
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