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Guess who's back!!!!

12 years ago
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Well almost! I am coming back!!! I cut my first set because I made them too thick... This next set is going to be thinner I am hoping to double the number of dreads i had last time... from 27 to hopefully 60. I have missed you all dearly and can't wait to be back in the Dreaded world!

In other updates of my life! Many of you know I was having issues with my little brother doing drugs and my parents not believing my suspicions. He passed away a year ago July 27th from a overdose on Meth and Heroine. It's been rough but I am getting through.

On a more upbeat note I got rid of the loser ex and married a really great guy! That's right! I am married! My husband Jared is wonderful!

I own my own business as a Face Painter/ Balloon Twister for birthday parties and corporate events. Faces-in-Disguise. I LOVE it! I am going to go to school for Special FX Makeup so I will be moving to Pennsylvania! FINALLY getting out of this AZ heat! I can't wait! Hopefully will be going in August. If not August, then February... As much as I want out of this heat, I think I would die moving to PA in February. I have lived in AZ for 15 years and am not used to the cold weather any more.. My husband has never lived anywhere but AZ so he is in for a surprise.

I have several business ideas rolling around in my head so I hope to get my Special FX business going and can do it part time to my party entertainment business! I AM BURSTING I am so excited!

While I am excited I have moments where I get down but I am happy to be back in this world.. I was much happier when I was a Dreadhead, I have found it hard lately to feel love for everyone and I am hoping to bring that back in my life some more!

Okay now I am rambling and I am happy to be coming back and I miss you all!




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