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Y'all can call me Mars:)

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

I wish there were bunnies around me. Not so many of them in my neck of the city. There are tons of stray cats that I feed when I have extra cans of tuna. But I can't take care of them all. A lady down the block adopts as many as she can. She's got 11 right now

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6 years ago
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Welcome, Mars! Only a few days here and you have already kicked off a stimulating discussion. We have two tortoiseshell cats. Both temperamental ladies, they don't get on but find their own spots in the house. No bunnies, but people up the road have a black rabbit. I've seen it lollop across the road (it's a quiet one-way street) to forage on the opposite verge. We'd adopt more animals if we could afford to feed them all.

Mars McFarland
6 years ago
6 posts

omg torties are the best<3

that's the kind of kitty my boyfriend's got at his mom's house, her name is Taffy. She's really really old now, losing fur and for some reason keeps scratching her own face. They took her to the vet and gave her medicine but she still does it, they look more like sores than scratches though and they fluctuate between almost disappearing, and then being really obvious and nasty looking. She doesn't likely have much longer to live, but she's an awesome cat. Super friendly and cuddly, she crawled right in my lap and fell asleep when I was sitting on the floor the last time I was there. Everyone was surprised because apparently she never does that to anyone, not even who she lives with. That happens to me a lot though, I seem to have a weird connection with cats, and animals in general. I think they maybe pick up on the fact that I respect them and wish them no harm or annoyance, so they come to me. Not sure.

I'd have soooo many pets if I had the money! I had two ferrets, they were the bomb, I don't care what anyone says. People hate on em cause they're smelly but I think as a ferret owner, you get used to it and learn to love it. I miss my weasels, they were so fun. Gizmo and Stripe. :) I want to get more again, and another hamster, and a parakeet like I had when I was a lot younger. I barely remember that bird, not even it's name (probably because everyone in the house called it something different) but I remember that he was only ever willing to perch on my fingers, and I was the only one he wouldn't bite when I stuck my hand in the cage. I also really want some type of reptile. Not sure which exactly. But something large.

I also for some reason want a tarantula. I'm flat out terrified to death of spiders, but my science teacher used to have a tarantula named Rosie, and she was lovely. I used to zone out, watching her creep around her cage really slow, or try to find her in her little hut, when I was supposed to be paying attention to class. She never bit anyone, kids would play with her all the time. I only ever held her once, and only for like two seconds and gave it back, cause I was afraid if she made any sudden movements it would scare the fuck out of me and I didn't wanna accidentally drop her or hurt her.

And that there is my rambling novel about pets and information no one will remember or really need to know ever. :D

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

I'm jealous of your parakeet Mars. I have 2 and we tried to let them fly around the room, but they are too scared to even leave their cage. if they do. They fly into a wall and hit the ground and scamper under the bed or behind a dresser and wont come out.

6 years ago
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Hi Mars and welcome to the dollhouse!

I just had to say good night to my cat Barron last Tuesday. It was devastating for me and my family and my other kitty babies are still adjusting.
If I could have my own little menagerie I would... I would especially like to have bunnies.
My son wants to have owls so, when we get our own place we are definitely making owl boxes to invite them to share our yard.

Naked Naturalist
6 years ago
88 posts

i have a siamese and hes the love of my life. i am also a cat person. i have 8 cats lol, i think 9 now lol

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