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Destinee Duncan
12 years ago
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Hi, i'm wondering if swimming in chlorinated water is bad for the natural process of dreadlocks. Also, what about swimming in ocean water? Thanks! =]


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
29,636 posts

yur color choice sux lol hard to read

why would u pick black on an almost black background

anywho chlorines gonna dry the hair like csalt but will harm the hair if left on too much so best to soak your hair in unchlorinated water 1st saturated soakimg wet hair will nit absorb as much chlorine so after swimmng in chlorine wash or rinse well

do not use baking soda after schlorine both are alkeline if anything use acv 1st..thebn maybe bs

ocean your dreads will love the ocean


ocean water can stink like rotting fish and polution and whatever plus salt dries out the hair and scalp so again wash or rinse soon after..but no precations about what not to wash with

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
12 years ago
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Beware - if you have light blonde hair or blonde highlights, chlorinated water might give it a greenish tint. Best always rinse your hair with clean water after swimming. Dreads love a soak, though, especially in the sea. Don't be put off going in.

Destinee Duncan
12 years ago
4 posts

Soaring Eagle,

It's not hard for me to read at all, actually. =]

Thanks for your advice! =]

12 years ago
3 posts

I'm glad that this discussion was posted. I was wondering the same thing. :)

Destinee Duncan
12 years ago
4 posts


Yeah, when I was younger my hair was really blonde and chlorine turned it a light green during the summer. Back then, I freaked out and would try everything under the sun to get it out. Now however, I don't think i'd mind a little green. But my hair isn't as blonde anymore and my highlights are practically gone. =]

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