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Hello from India!

7 years ago
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Hi, my name is Lenin. I'm from India. Growing my hair & dreading much to the displeasure & amusement of my parents & relatives. :)
Natural Method since Oct 15th 2011.
The journey-
I had been thinking about dreads since long. As ignorant people do, I started searching for a salon to do it for me. My cousin sister jumped in saying that you need wax, agarbatti (incense sticks) and what not to make them and that they are smelly and messy.

Looked on the net found videos & links explaining various Common methods - backcombing, twist, etc, and I was sure it couldnt be done on my own.

Natural was the least discussed everywhere & I kept it as the last option.

Thankfully, I could not locate a salon. Mosthadn'teven heard about dreadlocks.

My helpful niece sent me a link to "dreadlocks" page onFacebookandalso suggested an alternative to salon - I should request a dreadhead when ever i meet one, to dread my hair.

On the page I saw a few people recommending the "Natural" process. I was still skeptical.
Then I saw Gritty Jane's pics & also the link to this site & finally decided to take the plunge.

This is a wonderful site with so much honest advice, information & knowledge. I was enlightened here that dreads need regular washing.
Baking soda for hair, cold water (to curbdandruff)gave amazing results. Thank you soaring eagle. I repeat, "my hair never felt better"

Thank you Gritty Jane - your Dread Progress pics on FB posted early october & answering all questions & doubts raised by people was reassuring.

& Thank you Dreadlockssite& everyone here for sharing their experiences. :)

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,328 posts

welcome and glad we got yoi headed in the right direction

what was the incence sticks souposed to do?

i love how she suggests wax and says theyre smelly ij the same sentence..ofcourse they smell if u use wax

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6 years ago
4 posts

Thanks :).

not sure about the secret behindincensesticks .. :D .. just another misconception probably.

6 years ago
327 posts

Welcome brother... whereabouts in india are u from?

6 years ago
4 posts

Thanks bro.. I'm in the Delhi Ncr. & Nice dreadsyou'vegot.

Cliff Loc*head
6 years ago
21 posts

Hello and welcome along...I started natural dreading about the same time as you, be interesting to compare as time goes on

6 years ago
4 posts

Thanks Cliff. Yup, it would be interesting. I've got 5 dreads forming as of now.

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