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might need a couple temporary admins plz respond today

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,512 posts

just in case huru=icane irenes headed this way

might lose power for days

or worse slight chance might need to relocate temporarily

point is i might not be able to get on for a fewdays ..i doubt it but just in case

also ..the site that hacked us twice is on the attack again making threeats swearing to cause more trouble so i need a couple admins to be extra vigilent while im gone if i do lose connection for a few days or longer.

anyone intersted just send me an inbox message plz

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international

updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:09:04PM
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